Unfinished American Castles

Scattered across the states of this great nation, lie the tattered dreams of men (and women) who have embarked on a majestic journey to build their own American Castle.  Unfortunately, and in common with many others who start their own [perhaps more modest] building projects, the constraints of time, money, relationships and building regulations become all too real – leading to some unfinished American Castles.  

Thankfully the total number of unfinished American Castles is low, however they do exist – hopefully to be finished one day either by their original 'King/Queen' or a new 'King/Queen' with deeper pockets.  We intend to document as many American castles as we can so we certainly couldn't leave these castles out of this website.

NB If you go searching for one of these unfinished castles, remember that they are all on private land and even if some of them are openly accessible, they are probably dangerous places to be.

Grizer Castle Ohio 1

Grizer Castle, Ohio

Grizer Castle, Ohio is a medieval style castle in Whipple, Ohio near historic Marietta