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Uhuburg, Eagle Owl Castle, Georgia


Uhuburg, Eagle Owl Castle, Georgia is a highly impressive medieval-style castle set on 44 mountaintop acres near Helen, North Georgia.  The sprawling complex, with a very large walled area, three gate lodges and a substantial 'keep', is being built as 'a philosophical place dedicated to how humankind has tried to understand life'.

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From the Uhuburg, Eagle Owl Castle Facebook page:

'UHUBURG, or Eagle Owl Castle is a philosophical place dedicated to how humankind has tried to understand life. It is situated on a mountain top among 44 acres of woodlands just north west of the Alpine Bavarian town of Helen in the North Georgia mountains.

As a medieval renaissance castle with many accessible high turrets, 1300 foot defensive wall, and three gate houses, it serves as an educational citadel of epistemology of how life was understood through out the ages and depicted through artistic in multi-media in presentations via murals, sculpture, gardens, discussions and experiences.

The surrounding enchanted forest is a botanical display of natural fauna, unusual specimen plants and trees, and restoration of trees not grown there 100's of thousands of years. Also we are attempting to grow food that would allow some degree of self sustaining healthy lifestyle.

Facilities will include 28 x 48 Great Hall for meetings, parties, and weddings, craft workshop, small amphitheater, multiple gardens, private gardens, labyrinth, vineyard, ten guest rooms and suites, archery field course, astronomy lab, lookout towers, gift shop, orchard, and more.

UHUBURG was begun September 2008 with the clearing of the orchard and mountain top and the building of the road, bridge and utilities. September 2009, the first cornerstone was laid on the East Gate House'.



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