Castles in Ohio

If you're in Ohio and you love castles, you're on the right website.  Below is a list of castles in Ohio so whether you want to visit one, stay in one, rent one or get married in one, we hope we can help you find the castle you're looking for.

Ohio is actually home to one of our favorite American castles – Loveland Castle (also known as Chateau Laroche).  Whilst we've searched high and low to find chateaux and castles in The Buckeye state, maybe we've missed one or two along the way.  If you happen to know one, own one, live in one, rent one or work in one, please let us know and we'll add it to the website straightaway.

Happy castle hunting.

Loveland Castle Ohio

Loveland Castle, Ohio

Loveland Castle, Ohio (also known as Chateau LaRoche) is a castle and museum near Loveland, Ohio.

Squire's Castle Ohio 1

Squire’s Castle, Ohio

Squire’s Castle, Ohio is an empty, castle-like building (reputedly haunted) in Willoughby Hills, OH

Glamorgan Castle Ohio 1

Glamorgan Castle, Ohio

Glamorgan Castle, Ohio is an impressive castle-esque property, open for tours, used by Alliance City Schools in Alliance, OH

Grizer Castle Ohio 1

Grizer Castle, Ohio

Grizer Castle, Ohio is a medieval style castle in Whipple, Ohio near historic Marietta

Brumback Library Castle Ohio 1

The Brumback Library, Ohio

The Brumback Library, Ohio is a castle-esque public library in Van Wert, Ohio from the beginning of the 20th century

Ravenwood Castle Ohio

Ravenwood Castle, Ohio

Ravenwood Castle, Ohio is a charming medieval-themed guesthouse/hotel in New Plymouth, Ohio

Castle Skateland Ohio

Castle Skateland, Ohio

Castle Skateland, Ohio is a roller skating rink with a difference. The facade of the building is a medieval-style castle.