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If you're a fan of castles in America and, just like us, you like reading about them, visiting them, staying in them or you even want to get married in one,we'd love to hear from you.

We're here to bring all of the castles in the USA and Canada on to one website to make life easier if you want to read about all of the amazing (and weird and wonderful) castles and chateaux there are in these two great countries.  

You probably live in the U.S. or Canada and might be interested in castles near you (here's a map of American Castles to help you with that) but you might also be from anywhere else in the world and want to find out more about castle culture in America.

Whatever your reason for being here, WELCOME!  


There are lots of reasons you might want to use the Contact Form below but here are some of them: 

  • you own a castle in America or Canada and your castle isn't on Castlesy yet
  • your castle or chateaux is on Castlesy and you'd like us to tell our audience about news you have e.g. an upcoming event or very special offer for guests at your castle
  • you're going on a roadtrip to visit some castles in the USA and would like some advice on what to do
  • you saw a castle on your travels in Canada or the USA which doesn't seem to be on Castlesy and you'd like us to check it out (and probably add it to our website)
  • you run a business related to castles and chateaux e.g. a LARP event, HMB equipment, furniture for castles, MAYBE YOU EVEN BUILD CASTLES, and you'd like us to tell our audience about what you do

Whatever it is (within reason), if you'd like to contact us about something to do with a castle or chateaux in North America (or even something which looks kinda castle-esque but you're not quite sure what it is) please use the form below and we'll get back to you promptly.


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