Castles in Arizona

Castles in Arizona are hugely varied in both their historic value and architectural style. Whether it's 800 year old Montezuma Castle or the altogether more recent Mollohan Castle in Tucson, we have all of your castle needs in Arizona covered.  

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Castle Suite Zuma Arizona Airbnb 5

Castle Suite, Yuma, Arizona

A suite to rent in a castle in Zuma, Arizona. Available on Airbnb, this 3-suite castle also has a swimming […]

Tovrea Castle Arizona

Tovrea Castle, Arizona

Tovrea Castle, Arizona is a historic, landmark property in Phoenix, Arizona open for tours.

Camelback Castle Arizona aka Copenhaver Castle

Camelback Castle, Arizona

Camelback Castle, Arizona (often still referred to by its original name Copenhaver Castle) is a landmark private residence.

Montezuma Castle Arizona

Montezuma Castle, Arizona

Montezuma Castle, Arizona – a National Monument – is a collection of cliffside dwellings near Camp Verde, AZ