Camelback Castle (aka The Copenhaver Castle), Arizona


Known as The Copenhaver Castle (after its founder – and builder – Dr. Mort Copenhaver) this unique private residence is now also referred to as the Camelback Castle after the Camelback Mountain on which it sits.


See the video below for an extensive tour of the castle with Dr Copenhaver.  Scroll Down for the StreetView of this Castle.


From the Camelback Castle Website:

“The new owner of Copenhaver Castle is Robert Pazderka, a Phoenix-based businessman whose company The Armored Group manufactures custom armored cars and trucks for clients around the world. As owner of this legendary property, Pazderka has decided to embark upon an ambitious restoration plan of-functionality and modernization in the interior while preserving the original grandeur of the exterior castle.The ultimate goal being to have the property designated as an Arizona historical landmark.

While the exact restoration plans are still being finalized, it can be expected that any aesthetic renovations to the inside of the home will weave the modern with the historical in keeping with the true nature of this legendary property.

As the restoration progresses and more details become available you can expect to find them here. Pazderka is excited to have the opportunity to participate in the legacy of one of Arizona’s most enduring landmarks, and in providing the type of restoration the property deserves. Once this interior re-imagining is complete, Copenhaver Castle will be more ready than ever to reintroduce itself to an ever-captivated and always fascinated public. And with the very real possibility continuing the tradition of public tours and special events taking place on-site to benefit the community, the lure and pull of this timeless and wonderful place promises to be stronger than ever”.



Contact Camelback Castle, Phoenix, AZ



Friends of Castle Society
c/o Robert Pazderka
5050 East Redrock Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85018
Phone: (602) 840-2271


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