Castles in Louisiana

If you'd like to find out more about castles in Louisiana, you're in the right place.  Castlesy is the Castles in America website and we've searched high and low to find all of the castles and chateaux in the Pelican State.  

So far we've found castles you can rent, castles you can get married (or hold an event) in and castle museums, but if you know of one in Louisiana (or in fact in any of the states) which isn't on this website, please contact us here and we'll  get it added straight away.

Fort Proctor Louisiana

Fort Proctor, Louisiana

Fort Proctor, Louisiana (also known as Beauregard’s Castle) is a ruined fort, now surrounded by water, near Shell Beach, LA.

Old State Capitol Louisiana

Old State Capitol, Louisiana

The Old State Capitol, Louisiana is a castellated public building, now principally utilised as a free museum, in Baton Rouge, […]