Castles in Tennessee

If you love castles and you love Tennessee, we're going to make you really happy – by telling you about all of the castles in Tennessee.  From castles hosting Renaissance and medieval fairs (shout out for Castle Gwynn) to castle vacation rentals, you'll find it all here. 

As the American castles website, we're obviously pretty enthusiastic about this topic and have searched high and low to discover those castles which even we didn't know about.  We think we've done a pretty good job of looking for castles from the southernmost tip of Florida up to Baranof Castle in Alaska but maybe we've missed one or two on the way.   If you know of, own, live in, rent or work in a castle in America and it's not on this website, please get in contact and we'll add it promptly. 

Castle Gwynn Tennessee 1

Castle Gwynn, Tennessee

Castle Gwynn, Tennessee – a replica of a Welsh castle, is a private residence which also plays host to the […]

Ashlar Hall Castle Memphis Tennessee sml

Ashlar Hall, Memphis, Tennessee

Ashlar Hall is a 19th century castle-like mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. At various times – a private residence, restaurant & […]