Photo: River Street Architecture

Beasley Castle, Chattanooga, Tennessee 


Beasley Castle in Chattanooga, Tennessee is a highly impressive private residence built to resemble a gothic/Norman medieval castle.  The construction of the castle started in 2012 and has been chronicled on the website/blog Building My Castle


Originally envisioned in some detail by owner Chris Beasley (who, incidentally, owns Valyrian Steel a licensed manufacturer of Game of Thrones replica props), the castle was designed by River Street Architecture (also of Chattanooga).  Mr Beasley's aim was to create a property that, externally at least, appeared to be an authentic, defensible castle.  Internally, he required a castle more in tune with modern day living although still very much retaining the character of a 'real' castle.


From the image above it is clear to see that Mr Beasley has created one of the most authentic private residential castles in North America and by visiting the link below to the website of the architectural firm who designed Beasley Castle, it is apparent that the interior is just as impressive.


For prospective castle builders in the USA and Canada, the Building My Castle blog is an excellent resource of information and a fascinating read.



Beasley Castle is a Private Residence

Please do not encroach on the castle's land.  Respect the owner's privacy.

Beasley Castle on River Street Architecture's Website

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