Castles in Kentucky

Yes, there are castles in Kentucky and here they are below.  The Bluegrass State might be synonymous with horse-racing, bourbon, coal and…..Fried Chicken but it also has a few castles to visit too. 

If you're an avid American castle hunter then The Kentucky Castle should definitely be on your list as whilst it is at the luxury (i.e. not particularly rustic) end of the castles spectrum in the U.S., it is also a mightily impressive fortress-like compound.   The owners are committed to ensuring The Kentucky Castle will become 'the world's greatest farm to table restaurant, boutique hotel, spa and event space'. Lofty ambition such as this translates in to a superb guest and/or dining experience which has garnered a number of accolades.

Castle and Key Kentucky

Castle & Key, Kentucky

Castle & Key, Kentucky is a distillery and events venue in Frankfort, KY partly housed in a medieval style castle