Castles in West Virginia

If you dream of being King or Queen of your own castle, the Mountain State won't let you down.  That's right, there are castles in West Virginia and we've brought them all together for you in one place.  Whether you want to get married in one, hold an event in one or even just see one, we've got you covered.

Castlesy is the website all about chateaux, forts and castles in America (and Canada) so we've searched pretty extensively for castles from the east coast to the west coast, including West Virginia of course.   Our main focus is on those castles which, in some form or another, are open to the public.  We do have a small number of private castles on this website but they're properties which are already publicly known or landmarks in their own right.

If you know of a castle in West Virginia which should be on this website but isn't, please get in touch and we'll add it promptly.