American Castle Private Homes

'A Man's Home is His Castle'.  This well-known phrase has been taken rather literally by a number of Americans who have built or bought their very own castle (or at the very least, a castellated home).

So, dotted across the USA are 'castles' or variations on the castle/chateau theme, enabling the owners to become King and Queen of their own lands.  Whilst some of these private American castles are of course rented out as vacation castles, opened for castle visits or used as venues for weddings and events, there are also numerous examples which are simply used as private homes.  Where details of those particular castles are in the public domain or where the owner has reached out to Castlesy to provide us with information, we have provided details of those castles below. 

We have no intention to disclose information here which isn't already public knowledge/record and we kindly ask our readers to be respectful of the privacy of castle owners when out 'castle-hunting'.