Woodleigh Castles (formerly Woodleigh Replicas), Prince Edward Island, Canada


Woodleigh Castles on Prince Edward Island, Canada is a remarkable collection of replica castles in the rural setting of Burlington. 

The construction of Woodleigh Replicas (as it was originally known) was started in 1945 by World War I veteran Ernest Johnstone and his son, Archibald.

Hugely impressive (as per the video above), Woodleigh Castles fell in to disrepair after closing as a tourist attraction in 2008 but was purchased in 2021 by current owners Bruce and Joanne.  They set about restoring and rebuilding the magical castles to enable them to be used for weddings, events and photoshoots. 

Their replica of The Tower of London covers a total of 13,000 sq ft and, as Bruce and Joanne describe is 'Perfect for Weddings, Photo Shoots, Birthday Parties, Theatrical Events, Cultural Events, Tudor Fairs, Historical War Reenactment, Medieval Reenactment, Renaissance Festivals, Viking Themed Events and much more!' 

Since their purchase of the site, Bruce and Joanne have been documenting their progress on their Youtube Channel.



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Woodleigh Castles, Burlington, PEI, Canada


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