All Castles in America

A Comprehensive List of All Castles in America.

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Castello di Amorosa California 1

Castello di Amorosa, California

Castello di Amorosa, California is a highly impressive, authentic, Italian medieval castle and vineyard/winery in Calistoga, CA.

Loveland Castle Ohio

Loveland Castle, Ohio

Loveland Castle, Ohio (also known as Chateau LaRoche) is a castle and museum near Loveland, Ohio.

Bettendorf Castle Illinois

Bettendorf Castle, Illinois

Bettendorf Castle, Illinois is an extraordinary gothic-style castle available for events, weddings and photo-shoots in Fox River Grove, IL.

Coral Castle Florida

Coral Castle, Florida

Coral Castle, Florida was one man’s project to build a limestone ‘castle’ in Homestead, FL.

Montezuma Castle Arizona

Montezuma Castle, Arizona

Montezuma Castle, Arizona – a National Monument – is a collection of cliffside dwellings near Camp Verde, AZ

Camelback Castle Arizona aka Copenhaver Castle

Camelback Castle, Arizona

Camelback Castle, Arizona (often still referred to by its original name Copenhaver Castle) is a landmark private residence.

America – A Land of Castles

It may come as a surprise to some but there are lots of castles in America – from the west coast to the east coast and from the very south to the very north – if you search hard enough (which is what we've done), you'll find chateaux, forts, whimsical towers and, yes, castles.

With the exception of a few of the forts, pretty much all of these castles have been built for reasons other than defense or the imposition of power over an area.  America's castles have been built as follies, as dreams, as a lifetime's vision.  Castles in America are homes, wedding venues, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, vacation homes, even bakeries!  But none of them ever needed to be built.  They were built because the visionary behind each one of them had a dream and they acted upon that dream.   

And that, in some ways make castles in America and Canada more exciting and accessible than castles in Europe.   Of course over the centuries we have romanticized the medieval castle but in reality they were places of power struggles, of feuds, of barbarism, of torture and of grizzly deaths.  Many have now become hotels and homes too but they also reflect darker times.  

We're fascinated by American castles because they take the impressive architecture and style of authentic castles and chateaux and then combine that with the owner's vision to create something for current generations – whether it's a home, a hotel, a tourist attraction or a wedding venue.

We hope you too share a passion for castles in America and would love to hear from you too.   Just drop us a line telling us your favorite castle in the USA or Canada and please also let us know if you're aware of any which aren't on our website.