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Newman's Castle, Bellville, Texas

Newman's Castle in Bellville, Texas is a pretty extraordinary American castle.  Not only is its owner and creator (Mike Newman) a bakery owner by trade, the castle itself is also remarkably authentic in design – after all, how many castles in the USA have a working drawbridge, portcullis and moat?  We'll tell you the answer – hardly any. Soaring turrets, a central keep and courtyard add to the authenticity of this Texan castle.

From the Newman's Castle Website:

“Experience the old world charm of Newman’s Castle, a one-of-a-kind custom creation hidden just outside of Bellville in the rolling countryside.

The castle features a moat (watch out for gators!), a massive working 3,000 lb. drawbridge with an accompanying portcullis, a chapel, five round corner turrets, a courtyard, and a central keep with a dramatic view of the surrounding lands. A perimeter wall encompasses the castle, ensuring you are safe from oncoming marauders during your visit.

Mike Newman is the creative force behind both the castle and the bakery bearing his name.

Welcome to Newman’s Castle and Newman’s Bakery.

The Castle, just outside of Bellville, has tours 6 days a week starting at 10:30 from Newmans Bakery. Reservations are required. The Castle is available for other special events.

For tour reservations call 979-865-9804.



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Newman's Castle and Newman's Bakery is located at 504 E Main Street

in Bellville at the junction of Hwy 36 and Hwy 159.


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