Castles in Wyoming

There are castles in Wyoming!  Although not many of them.  Sorry folks, whilst some states in the U.S.A seem to have an abundance of chateaux, forts and castles, little old Wyoming is somewhat lacking in this category.

Perhaps the Equality State, with barely 600,000 inhabitants, just doesn't have (or hasn't had) the critical mass of population required for generating a sufficient number of eccentrics who'd be interested in building their own castles.  Perhaps living in the second most sparsely populated state means that Wyomingites psychologically just don't feel the need to build castles for shielding themselves from all of the crazy people.  Whatever the reason , there aren't many castles in Wyoming however the ones that do exist are below.

Probably the most impressive of the castles we've seen in Wyoming is a very large private residence in Star Valley with walled compound however there is very little information on that in the public domain so we haven't included it on this site.  If, for some reason, we've missed a Wyoming castle please let us know and we'll add it to our website.