Castles in Alabama

There are castles in Alabama and we have the proof right here!  Castlesy is the American castles website and we've done our very best to find all of the chateaux, forts, towers and castles in America.  That includes castles in the Yellowhammer State.

If you're searching for a castle in Alabama as a venue for your wedding, you want to stay overnight in one or maybe even just visit one, we've got you covered.  

If you think we've missed a castle in Alabama from our list (and maybe you know because you own one, live in one, rent one or work in one), we'd love to hear from you so that we can add it to our website promptly.

Quinlan Castle Alabama

Quinlan Castle, Alabama

Quinlan Castle, Alabama is a castle-shaped building containing apartments in Birmingham, Alabama

Cook Castle Alabama

Cook Castle, Alabama

Cook Castle, Alabama is an events and wedding venue on 20 acres in Fort Payne, Alabama