The Sterling Castle, Shelby, Alabama


The Sterling Castle in Shelby, Alabama is a unique castle-esque wedding venue with towers, crenellations and a drawbridge.  Having hosted 521 weddings (at their last count), The Sterling Castle is a popular venue choice for couples seeking a truly memorable location for their special day. 

From The Sterling Castle website:

“Looking for a Picture Perfect place to hold a Wedding or Event? Come check out The Sterling Castle! Nestled deep in the woods of Shelby, this one of a kind venue is the perfect place to start your own Fairy Tale! Call to schedule a visit and let us help you start your own Happily Ever After!

Once upon a time” there was a small shotgun shed in the cutest little town in Alabama. Two people fell in love and decided to make it their home. With a lot of love, blood, sweat, and tears, that tiny shed grew to be The Sterling Castle. What started to be a remodel job (a little paint and some throw pillows) quickly got out of hand and became something magical! 

Victor and Misty Binkerd, owners of The Sterling Castle love ~Love~, and invite you to schedule a visit so we can discuss your Wedding Dreams! The Castle was NOT built for weddings, it was built as a romantic gesture to each other! 
The entire 5 acre property was built around our love for each other and our wonderful (and not so wonderful) children!  They are all grown now, and have moved away, (more or less)  yet the castle still has much love to give”!



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389 Deseret Dr.
Shelby, AL 35143

Tel: 205-669-9486


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