Loveland Castle (aka Chateau Laroche), Ohio


Loveland Castle (also known as Chateau Laroche) in Ohio is an authentic, medieval-style castle on the edge of Cincinnati.   The substantial stone castle has a number of architectural features synonymous with the medieval period including crenellations, towers, turrets, murder holes and arrowslit style windows.  Scroll Down to the StreetView of Loveland Castle.

From the Loveland Castle Website:

“At Loveland Castle there are so many things to do and places to explore when you visit. From a quite walk down the pathways of the gardens exploring the various plants and flowers to a family picnic by the river. Below is a list of just a few of the activities offered at the castle. There is never a moment of boredom when you visit.


Learn about Harry

Upon seeing the Castle for the first time, most people exclaim “One guy did this?!?” Then they ask who this guy was! Spread throughout is info about Harry and his Castle. If you are really lucky maybe a Knight that knew Harry will be there.


Imagine being on the banks of a wide gentle river. Shade trees everywhere. Or atop an arched tower overlooking the river. For more privacy maybe a bench nestled in the gardens. There are spots all around the Castle for great picnics. There are also tables of the picnicking variety.

Games and Puzzles

Harry made chess and checker sets for people to play with. The originals are on display, but fine duplicates are ready to go! There are also puzzles to test the most stout of minds. Just remember the rules…. Winners get to reset the game for the next players. Losers and those who fail to put the puzzles back together have to go to the creek and get a rock!


If you believe in ghosts…the Castle has them! If you don't…fine, be that way! Either way, you will find pictures of the Castle's ghosts and ghost stories galore at the Castle! Not to mention you can read a few of our Knights ghost stories right here on the website follow the link at the top.


Harry featured three distinctive styles of architecture. German, French and English. Four types of towers. A gigantic wall that has almost as many stones in it as the Castle itself. Harry's domed ceiling. A Dry-moat. Hand Tiled ceilings. Murder Holes, Stoop doors and lots more!

Swords and Weapons

The Castle has a fine collection of period weaponry located throughout. We always have pieces on display. We have many different types of souvenirs that you will want to take home with you”.



Contact Loveland Castle

Loveland Castle Website


12075 Shore Dr. Loveland Ohio



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