Santa Fe Castle, Santa Fe, Texas

Santa Fe Castle (also previously known as Pignataro Castle) is a unique castellated property visible from Highway 6 in Santa Fe, Texas

Thought to have been constructed in the 1930s, the castle's early history seems uncertain however in the 1970's Franco Pignataro purchased the property and maintained it until his death in 2010.   The castle subsequently fell in to significant disrepair and was purchased in late 2022 by entrepreneurial Englishman Ian Dennis (a tattoo artist) and his wife Kristen. 

Together they intend to fully refurbish the castle with the intention of it becoming a visitor attraction.  The Dennis' have fully embraced social media and are going to extensively document their journey of castle refurbishment on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and via their Patreon account (please see below for all links to their social media account).


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12902 Hwy 6, Santa Fe, TX 77510, United States


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