Millennium Manor Castle, Aloca, Tennessee


Millennium Manor Castle, Aloca, Tennessee is a private residence completed in 1946 and built to withstand what the owner/builder believed was an imminent Armageddon.  

In 1937 William Nicholson began single-handedly constructing the castle and for a period of 9 years used his spare time to create a modern day fortress.  With 25 inch thick stone walls, a dungeon, gargoyles, a cannon and a crenellated perimeter wall, the castle is a well-known sight in the area.

Abandoned for 20 years, Millennium Manor Castle was purchased by history buff Dean Fontaine in 1995 who, together with his wife, set about restoring and preserving the property.  Originally intended for use a family residence, the couple are considering using the property for events and rentals however there are no definite plans as of mid 2022.



Contact Millennium Manor Castle

Millennium Manor Castle is a Private Residence.  Please respect the privacy of the owners.

Occasional Tours Are Offered of the castle.  For more information, visit the Millennium Manor Facebook page.

For more images of the castle on Google, click here.


500 N Wright Rd
Alcoa, Tennessee


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