Williamswood Castle, Tennessee


Williamswood Castle, Tennessee is a vacation rental castle just ten minutes from downtown Knoxville, available through Airbnb.

Modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge, the castellated Williamswood Castle is a feast for the senses of those wanting to feel like they're in medieval Scotland.  Surrounded by the peaceful Ijams Nature Center – with hiking trails, a quarry lake and much more, the castle is a fantastic option if you want to experience a castle-like vacation rental whilst also being within easy reach of everything that Knoxville has to offer.


From the castle's Airbnb listing:

“A stay at Williamswood Castle is an epic adventure into medieval Scotland – Modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge, our guests – the lords and ladies of the estate – will enjoy such amenities as a multi-level balcony overlooking the Tennessee River, a massive bedroom complete with the Sistine Chapel painted on the ceiling, a bookshelf that moves out of the way to reveal a staircase, forty-two leaded stained glass windows, and more than 4,500 square feet of magic”.

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