Covington Castle, Louisiana


Covington Castle, Louisiana is a vacation rental castle just outside Covington and approximately 1 hour from Baton Rouge.  

NB – 2021 – Covington Castle was recently listed for sale and is currently unavailable on Airbnb.


Available to rent on Airbnb is a private room in the castle, hosted by King (and builder) of the castle, Chanse – inspired to build it for his son.

Externally the castle is unmistakably modern however its crenellations and dark grey exterior give it an imposing appearance reminiscent of a 'real' castle.  Gargoyles welcome visitors in front of a drawbridge-style approach and the castle-esque feel continue indoors with the use of wood, slate and stone.  The Covington Castle is also a luxurious rental with movie room, bar and outdoor swimming pool.

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