Ravenwood Castle, Ohio


Ravenswood Castle, Ohio operates as a unique country inn offering themed bedrooms, a venue for small weddings (up to 50 guests) and an atmospheric property in which to hold your gaming events.  The substantial, stone castle has a number of architectural elements from the medieval era including crenellations and a drawbridge-like entrance, flanked by suits of armor.   Inside, the castle has a tavern with stone floors, a large rustic fireplace and booths adorned with medieval paintings.  There are a number of wood cabins on site to ensure that large groups can be accommodated.

“Our beautiful remote location is surrounded by half a dozen state and national forests, which provides us with some absolutely amazing hiking. It also means we’re one of the few places left where cell phones, television and internet service aren’t all pervasive.

The disconnected nature of our location provides an ideal opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends, free of electronic interruptions.

Vacation unplugged. You’ll be glad you did!”



Contact Ravenwood Castle


Phone: 740-596-2606

65666 Bethel Rd, New Plymouth, Ohio 45654



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