Doomsday Castle, Pickens, South Carolina


Doomsday Castle is an unfinished medieval style castle (construction started in 1999) in an unspecified, mountaintop location near Pickens, South Carolina. 

The castle, built and still owned by Brenton Bruns (Brent Sr) was immortalised in the 2013 National Geographic TV series Doomsday Castle.

The documentary, an excerpt of which is above, follows Brent Sr ('The Prepper King') as he prepares for the coming apocalypse whilst also testing and training his adult children in the ways of survival, hunting, self-sufficiency etc.


“If the end of days really comes, I want to make sure this family is prepared”  Brent Sr.




The Doomsday Castle in Pickens is a Private Residence.

Link to Doomsday Castle on National Geographic Website

Please do not encroach on the property or disturb the owners.


Approximate Location Below


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