By Grand Central USA! – Ozark Medieval Fortress, CC BY 2.0,

Ozark Medieval Fortress, Arkansas

The Ozark Medieval Fortress near Lead Hill, Arkansas is an ambitious project created by Michel Guyot who envisioned a medieval castle in America built with authentic techniques and materials.  Michel was reportedly inspired by another similar project in France – the world-renowned and hugely impressive Guédelon Castle which is now near completion.


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Whilst initial progress with the Ozark Medieval Fortress was encouraging (the site was open to tourists for a period in 2010/2011 to enable them to see the work in progress), the project came to a halt soon after and as far as we're aware the castle hasn't progressed since.  Financial issues were cited at the time of the cessation of works and investors were [unsuccessfully] sought.  If finished as intended, the project would arguably be the most authentic medieval-style castle in the Americas.


With the above in mind, if you were (or indeed are still) involved with the construction of this castle, please contact us.  It's such an interesting project, we'd love to see it completed and perhaps our community of castle enthusiasts in America can help.  The plethora of platforms and options for raising funds in 2021 vs 2012 gives us confidence that with the right audience, it would be very much possible to source sufficient funding.



From the Ozark Medieval Fortress Facebook Page (no longer actively updated):

“The OZARK MEDIEVAL FORTRESS is a thrilling educational, scientific, and emotional experience, a soaring flight into ages past and a living history book!

In front of visitors, authentically dressed masons, carpenters, stone carvers and dedicated artisans will work for the next 20 years raising a genuine, full-sized, fortified castle with towers ranging from 40 to 70 ft in height, a drawbridge, 6 foot wide stone walls which surround an expansive inner courtyard.

Artisans using tools, techniques, and rules from 700 years ago, recreate the Middle Ages in Europe in a green environment: no electricity, no engines, just bare hands and the natural resources of the site.

OZARK MEDIEVAL FORTRESS wants everyone who visits to interact with artisans and take away with them a new experience.

OZARK MEDIEVAL FORTRESS’ goal is to invite Americans to adopt this project so that it will become a place unique on American soil where everyone can learn about castle”.




Contact Ozark Medieval Fortress, Lead Hill, Arkansas

Facebook Page (No longer Updated)


1671 AR-14, Lead Hill, AR 72644, United States


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