Wing's Castle, New York


Wing's Castle is located just 75 miles north of New York City close to the Taconic State Parkway. The castle was the brain child of artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing. Wing was raised on a dairy farm adjacent to where the castle now sits. The Millbrook Winery has become what was once the Wing Farm.

In 1970 the long illustrious love affair of building a castle began. This enigma is still to this day, 47 years later under construction. As Toni states, ” it has become a live in art project”.

Along with a love affair of castles came a love of anything old. Come for a visit and be memorized by the museum of antique memorabilia and collectibles.

Stay here and hear the rest of the story about how the idea of a castle became a home. It was all accomplished using 80% recycled materials!

During your stay head down to the Millbrook Winery a hop skip and a jump from the castle. Then jump in your car and head to the cute village of Millbrook where you can enjoy a quiet lunch or dinner at one of the towns many great restaurants! After lunch enjoy a stroll through Millbrook and its many Antique shops.




Contact Wing's Castle



717 Bangall Rd, Millbrook, New York 12545, United States


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