The West Paris Public Library, Maine


The West Paris Public Library in Maine (also known as the Arthur L. Mann Memorial Library) is a small, castellated building in West Paris.  Although not on the same scale as a real medieval castle, the library does indeed resemble a castle – hence why it's here, on the American castles website.

'The library's unique castle-like look was designed by Gibbs & Pulsifer of Lewiston. The stone is in fact broken fieldstone gathered from fields right in West Paris. The main entrance still displays the original oak door with hand-crafted iron hinges'.  Over the door is a large granite block with the words “Arthur L. Mann Memorial Library” inscribed into it.   Arthur L. Mann  and his father Lewis M. Mann donated the land and together funded the construction and upkeep of the castle-like structure.


For the full history of this unique property, please visit the library's website – details below.



Contact The West Paris Public Library

Phone: 207-674-2004


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