The Hollywood Castle,  California

The Hollywood Castle, California is a large, castle-style mansion in the Hollywood Hills.  Available to rent for music videos, TV shoots, photography and also as a venue for large groups, the castle is a unique and memorable option.

From The Hollywood Castle website:

The castle  'is a majestic mansion high atop the Hollywood Hills. With breathtaking views and complete solitude, this hidden treasure is a unique palatial estate located minutes from the heart of Hollywood. Surrounded by luscious gardens, the Hollywood Castle is beautifully crafted to resemble a real British castle'.

'Tucked away from public view, this gorgeous hideaway might look like an antique, but its state of the art sensibilities will surprise you. The heated pool and Jacuzzi are just some of the modern luxuries expertly woven into the castle façade'.

'The Hollywood castle is the perfect place for anyone looking for a great location for anything from music videos to reality TV. The Hollywood Castle has something for everyone.  The solitary environment is perfect for shooting, and the hidden location is perfect for anyone not wanting to stray far from the lifeline of Hollywood.  This giant estate is also perfect for large gatherings or big groups. The Hollywood Castle is ready for you'.



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Adam T. Friedman
Phone: 323-868-4076


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