Boise Castle, Idaho


Boise Castle, Idaho is a well-known, castle-like private residence on East Warm Springs Avenue, Boise.  A prominent property on the streetscape due to both its sandstone external finish and its architectural features including a tower, crenellations, what appears to be a portcullis and a large gargoyle at the entrance (also in sandstone).

The castle was marketed for sale by Sotheby's Realty in 2016 and the castle's owner answered some questions about the property and its numerous TV appearances on (website no longer live but answers still viewable on the Way Back Machine here).

A more comprehensive article was written about the castle in 2013.  Click here to view.





Contact Boise Castle

Boise Castle is a private residence. 

The property is clearly visible from the street (Streetview below) but please respect the privacy of the owners.


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