Tarleton Castle Arts, Bath, New Hampshire


Tarleton Castle in Bath, New Hampshire is a magical, castle-like property constructed as a 'working, living center for the Arts'.   The brainchild of Tim Dailey, construction of Tarleton Castle started in 2004, since when a number of artists and volunteers have helped Tim move the project forward. 

In addition to the castle itself (the focal point of which is a 75' fairytale-like tower with conical roof and a viewing platform on the seventh floor), the site will include sculpture trails for visitors to enjoy.

Tarleton Castle Arts is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit and supporters can donate to the project in a number of ways including by annual membership or one-off donations. 

For more information on supporting this unique project and/or volunteering in person, visit the Tarleton Castle website here



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243 Foster Hill Road, Bath, NH 03740, United States


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