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Soderstrom Castle, Peoria Heights, Illinois


Soderstrom Castle, Peoria Heights, Illinois is a chateau-like private residence currently owned by Dr. Carl W. Soderstrom. Completed in 1930, the property's turrets, towers and crenellations ensured that the property became a local landmark.

As per the Soderstrom castle's website, Dr Soderstrom's emphasis 'is to preserve the historical integrity during renovations while respecting the aesthetics of previous owners. Particularly interested in philanthropy, he has hosted numerous events, which include parties and fundraisers, both charitable and educational. Since the Castle is a beloved landmark in the Peoria area, he knew it would be a perfect location to host events. Halloween has always been a tradition of spooky fun for trick-or-treaters at the Castle. Dr. Soderstrom has brought Halloween to new heights with live music, dancers and an entertainment venue every year'.



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