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Smithmore Castle, North Carolina

Smithmore Castle sits on a stunning, mountaintop estate with spectacular views of the Spruce Pine area of North Carolina. The property resembles a majestic stone castle externally, with a number of towers and turrets. Internally, authenticity and luxury combine to create a unique ambience for overnight guests.

Accommodation options include staying in one of the seven guest bedrooms or simply renting the entire castle. If you’d like to get married in a castle, this option is also available at Smithmore Castle.

'Smithmore Castle is a private mountain estate with over 100 acres located on top of English Knob in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. It's the perfect getaway as you can unwind and retreat in the most beautiful part of the state. Come and nestle up in one of many of our dreamlike bedrooms and experience the endless amount of amenities available that will have you leaving all of your troubles behind.

Experience an intimate and exciting Chef Class by learning how to prepare Gourmet Dishes with our 5 star rated Gourmet Chef. Our in-house Chef specializes in Gourmet Food Dining which includes a variety of exotic dishes that are French, Italian, and Japanese inspired.

After dinner, relax near our gorgeous stone fireplace while you're drinking a glass of paired domestic or imported wine. Smithmore, a grand estate that you must tour. Including a vintage bar connected to the 'Spanish Lounge'. The main dining room that accommodates your private dinner party is absolutely stunning with furniture over 140 years old. A Victorian'esque fireplace and remarkable ceiling frescos completes the vibe and ambiance of formal royal dining. Visit our exquisite wine room that offers a variety list of wines and no wine session is complete without a tasty charcuterie board to go with it.

The most breathtaking area of the Castle is the 'Great Room,' incorporating a three story stone fireplace, marble floors, fine paintings, and an extravagant Swarovski crystal chandelier. If you're wanting to get some fresh air then you must experience our courtyard, displaying a grand fountain as well as our huge open deck over the portico. The views are so captivating that you will lose yourself over and over again'.




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