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Chateau de Melusine @ Schweitzer Castle, Idaho is a unique vacation rental atop Schweitzer Mountain near Sandpoint.  Situated adjacent to the impressive, medieval-style Schweitzer Castle, Chateau de Melusine is a lovely, stone vacation rental with turret and conical roof.  Resembling the architecture of a small chateau, this vacation rental is popular throughout the year – whether for fun in the lake or on the snow – and is also a great place for a cosplay related getaway.

From the Castle Scheitzer website:

“Located less than 5 minutes away from Schweitzer mountain resort, Schweitzer Castle’s Château de Melusine is the best place for you and your family to stay and enjoy a unique experience. We boast a close relationship with Schweitzer mountain resort which allows you all the amenities of staying at the hotel while remaining independent in the best place to stay in Northern Idaho. Whether its summer time lake adventures or winter time fun on the slopes don’t miss out on the best stay of your life”!

“You can have the opportunity to be a King and Queen with a stay in Château de Melusine. With the Chateau's construction of 22″ thick quarried stone, a 50″ fireplace in the great room, and hydronic-heat floors of Idaho Quartzite you'll experience the magical feeling of vacationing like royalty”.

“Chateau de Melusine is more than just a place to stay, come live the adventures you've always wanted in a castle straight out of a fairy tale. Discover the treasure trove of antiques from the 15th and 16th centuries that adorn the castle and chateau and be transported to another time. From Cosplayers to newly weds or family gatherings there is unique and unforgettable experience to be had in this magical place. What are you waiting for? Contact us and discover the right adventure for you”!



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