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Overlook (Seely) Castle, Asheville, North Carolina


Overlook (Seely) Castle in Asheville, North Carolina is a castellated hilltop mansion with a design based on Forde Abbey (a 12th century monastery) and the 16th century Abbot's Lodging in Dorset, England.

Built in the early 20th century for Fred Seely, the castle was originally a private residence then became the location of Asheville Biltmore College.  

In October 1980, its then owner – Overlook Ministries – successfully applied for the property's inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.  The National Register Form with extensive detail about the history and architecture of Overlook Castle can be found here in the North Carolina government archives.


The property was subsequently sold by Overlook Ministries and is understood to now be used as a private residence.



Contact Overlook (Seely) Castle

Overlook (Seely) Castle is a privately owned property. 

Please respect the privacy of the owners.


710 Town Mountain Road, Asheville, North Carolina


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