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Kip's Castle, New Jersey


Kip's Castle, New Jersey is a castle-like building, previously known as Kypsburg, in Kip's Castle Park, Essex County.  


From the Kip's Castle website:

'About Kip's Castle

Kip’s Castle is a magnificent 9,000 square foot mansion that replicates a medieval Norman castle. The estate spans eleven acres of land on the ridge of First Mountain, resting in both Montclair and Verona townships, and provides spectacular views of New York City. The exteriors of both the castle and the 6,000 square foot, two story carriage house are constructed of local trap rock trimmed with sandstone. The interior of the castle consists of thirty distinguished rooms of varying shapes which include vaulted ceilings and six ornate fireplaces.


Kip’s Castle, originally known as “Kypsburg,” was constructed over a three-year period from 1902 through 1905 by Frederic Ellsworth Kip and his wife, Charlotte Bishop Williams Kip. Frederic was a wealthy textile inventor and industrialist who also published several books related to United States tariff laws. Charlotte is credited for the design of the “Kypsburg” building and grounds, cultivating a renowned octagonal rose garden in the southwest corner of the property. After Charlotte’s passing in 1926, the estate was sold and went through several owners. The building and grounds fell into state of dilapidation until, finally, the law firm of Schwartz, Tobia & Stanziale purchased the property in 1985. In the past two decades, a considerable amount of work was done to revitalize the Castle to its original grandeur'.



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