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Kelley Castle, Wisconsin


Kelley Castle in Tomahawk, Wisconsin is one man's 40 year quest to build his own castle.  Peter Kelley first decided on his ambitious plan when he was 19 and, during service in Europe with the Marine Corps, fine-tuned his ideas after seeing castles in Germany, England and Italy.

The castle is opened to the public once per year – in September – for the Tomahawk Fall Ride.  

As a number of videos on YouTube can attest (including one below), the castle has been regularly visited by sword-fighting Knights in shining armor and by archers who've tested the castle's ability to withstand attack.

The vision and dedication of Peter, and others like him, is the overriding reason why the USA has castles dotted across it.  Building a castle, especially when you are completing a lot of the work on your own, takes a huge commitment – both financially and personally – that often would deny rationale however the end result in our view always justifies the process.  We salute Peter and his fellow castle-builders both for providing castle-enthusiasts in America with castles to see and for giving us something to write about!! 



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Kelley Castle is only open to the public once per annum – for the Tomahawk Fall Ride


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