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Gillette Castle, Connecticut

Gillette Castle in Lyme, Connecticut resembles a medieval castle externally.  Envisioned and designed by well known actor William Gillette as a private residence, the castle was subsequently purchased by the state of Connecticut, and is now the jewel in the crown of the Gillette Castle State Park.  SCROLL DOWN FOR A STREETVIEW OF GILLETTE CASTLE

From the CT State Website:

“It looks like a medieval fortress, but a step inside the stone castle reveals the built-in couches, table trackway, and woodcarvings that all point to the creative genius that was William Gillette.


Atop the most southerly hill in a chain known as the Seven Sisters, William Hooker Gillette, noted actor, director, and playwright, built this one hundred and eighty-four acre estate, the Seventh Sister. The focal point of his effort was a twenty four room mansion reminiscent of a medieval castle.

Purchased by the State of Connecticut in 1943 from the executors of Mr. Gillette's will, Gillette Castle and the adjoining property with its fine woodlands, trails, and vistas are now administered for the enjoyment of present and future generations. This apparently would have pleased Gillette, since his will gave specific directions to see that the property did not fall into the hands “of some blithering saphead who has no conception of where he is or with what surrounded.” This statement also points out the value Gillette placed upon his estate and the apprehension he felt about its disposition.

Gillette designed the castle and most of its contents personally, periodically checking every phase of their construction. Built of local fieldstone supported by a steel framework, it took twenty men five years (1914-1919), to complete the main structure. Gillette began his semi-retirement in his new home; and in the following years, he supervised the many thousands of refinements created by local craftsmen”.



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