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Enchanted Castle, Regent, North Dakota


Enchanted Castle in Regent, North Dakota is a hotel with tavern and dining in a medieval-themed setting.  In addition to the castle-like façade, the area to the front of the property is home to three very large metal statues – a dragon, a knight and a shield.


From the Enchanted Castle website:

“Welcome to the Enchanted Castle Hotel and Tavern. This is truly a unique hotel and you will be treated like Kings and Queens! Stop by the Medieval Tavern, located inside the hotel, for a cold beverage of your choice. Top shelf liquor available to those who need something smooth. Sit down in our fine dining restaurant/Steakhouse- Excalibur. Feast on King's Filet Mignon, Enchanted Prime Rib, Court Jester's Shrimp, Peasant Burger or Lord's Chicken and much more!”



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+1 701-563-4858


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607 Main St, Regent,

North Dakota, 58650, United States


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