Dundas Castle, Roscoe, New York


Dundas Castle (also Craig-E-Clair Castle), Roscoe, New York is a substantial, gothic-style, stone mansion with castle-like elements such as circular towers, conical roofs & crenellations.

Built at the start of the twentieth century for Ralph Werts Dundas, a wealthy businessman, the castle was constructed around an earlier property on the site – Beaverkill Lodge.  Inspired by his Scottish roots, Dundas was keen to replicate an estate in Scotland and spared no expense in importing materials from across Europe to create an authentic castle.

Although Dundas lived in part of the castle, he passed away before construction was fully completed. After being inherited by his daughter, the castle was eventually purchased by its current owner Prince Hall Temple Associates (“PHTA”), a Masonic Lodge.  The castle was never finished however the estate was put to use by the PHTA with their mission being as follows:

'The mission of the Prince Hall Temple Associates (“PHTA”) is the development of recreational and multi-use facilities and summer youth programs, and the responsible conservation of the environment by maintaining the natural beauty and open space of its properties. To preserve, improve and expand Camp Eureka as a summer residential youth camp, and restore historic Dundas Castle and make it available to the general public. To work with and be consistent with the overall planning, economic development, and community development goals of the local communities'.

Dundas Castle is not currently open to the public.


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Dundas Castle (website of Prince Hall Temple Associates)


609 Craigie Clair Rd, Roscoe, NY 12776, United States


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