Dane Castle, Strongstown, Pennsylvania


Dane Castle (aka Great Dane Castle) is a private residence constructed in the style of a medieval castle in Strongstown, Pennsylvania.

A lifelong dream of former professional wrestler Mike Mahalko and his wife, the castle was built in 2001/2002 as their home and incorporates various architectural details from medieval times including a dry moat, drawbridge, crenellations and a great hall as you enter the castle.

Named after their love of the Great Dane dog breed, the Mahalko's used the castle as their main residence but also enjoyed sharing it with other castle enthusiasts.  This included offering castle tours and welcoming in others who were interested in the medieval period.

Dane Castle has no website or social media presence and we understand that castle tours are no longer offered (if this is incorrect, please let us know and we'll update this page accordingly).


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This castle is a private residence.  Please respect the privacy of the owners.




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