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Curwood Castle, Michigan


Curwood Castle, Michigan is a pretty, fairytale-esque castle in Owosso.  Its name is derived from the person who built it, author James Curwood.

Curwood Castle's 'Writing and Conservation Studio Museum' is open April 1 through December 31 – please check their website below for exact times.

From the Owosso Historical Commission website:

“The Curwood Castle was the writing studio for one of America's greatest authors of his time. James Oliver Curwood was an Owosso, Michigan native whose novels were estimated to have been read by over 7 million people during his time, and whose stories were turned into major motion pictures in Hollywood. However, the once world renowned and famous author fell into obscurity after his death in 1927. His former writing studio (Curwood Castle) and his family home (Hoddy House) remain preserved in Owosso and retain the legacy of his life as a writer, adventurer, explorer, conservationist, and pioneer”. 



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TEL: 989-720-HIST (4478)


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