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Cornwall Castle, Cornwall, Connecticut


Cornwall Castle is a substantial, 100 year old, stone residence in Cornwall, Connecticut.  


Currently owned by Susi Stone and her property developer husband Russ, the castle is 100 years old and resembles a storybook chateau.  Keen to share her journey of castle ownership, Susi has created a website and blog ( to document life at the castle. Readers can find out more about Susi's other passions of interior design, recipes and entertaining, community, and love for nature. 


Whilst castle tours are not offered, it is possible to visit the castle if you're a budding chef as Susi offers cooking classes.  On her website, she explains that “Cooking at The Castle is a great way to spend time with friends and family, learn new cooking techniques, and have a fabulous meal—all the while feeling like you’re in Europe. We offer a variety of options and cuisines, and curate each private event to match the interest of the guests”. 



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