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Cherokee Ranch and Castle, Colorado


Cherokee Ranch and Castle, Colorado is comprised of a 3,400 acre ranch near Denver (including historic homesteads) and a '15th century' Scottish castle.  In addition to castle tours, tea and brunch, the castle can be hired as an events or wedding venue.


About Cherokee Ranch and Castle


'Your Historic Castle & Cattle Ranch Landmark in Douglas County, Colorado

Cherokee Castle is a rare example of a 15th century castle. Standing tall, built of locally sourced rhyolite and petrified wood, the Castle houses a collection of world-class art, antiques and rare books, serving as a public host for an array of cultural, scientific and civic events, while the expansive property of Cherokee Ranch sustains habitats for native wildlife, flora and fauna, embodying the heritage of the west.

Cherokee Ranch & Castle includes land that originally belonged to two separate homesteads in the late 1890s: the Flower Homestead and the Blunt Homestead. The Johnson Family purchased the Flower Homestead in 1924 and built the Castle. They sold the property to Tweet Kimball in 1954. Tweet purchased adjacent land that had been the Blunt Homestead and renamed both pieces of land Cherokee Ranch, which today includes 3,400 acres.'



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Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation
6113 N. Daniels Park Road
Sedalia, Colorado 80135

TEL:  303-688-5555


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