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Castle on the Lake, Jacksonville, Texas


Castle on the Lake in Jacksonville, Texas is a popular, lakeside wedding venue.  Although the owners were hosting wedding celebrations until mid/late 2021, their website currently (January 2022) is a landing page with the statement below:


“Unfortunately, we have decided to make this year are 15th and final year to do weddings at the Castle on the Lake. We got caught up in helping all of our clients achieve such amazing wedding day celebrations, that we overlooked the importance of spending time with our own family and friends. We are now closed as an event venue since August of 2021.

However we can't give up weddings completely, because it is in our blood. We plan to eventually take on a smaller amount of weddings each year as full service wedding planners/coordinators. We will have our site back up and running as soon as we are ready to start booking.




As fans of castles in America and knowing that Castle on the Lake was a really popular venue, we wish the owners well and hope they are back offering a venue to smaller weddings in the near future.



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9110 US-79, Jacksonville, TX 75766


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