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Castle on Glen, Elmira, New York


Castle on Glen is a castle-esque vacation rental property in Elmira, New York.  Set on a small hill and surrounded by woodland, Castle on Glen is a characterful property, able to accommodate 6 guests in 3 bedrooms. 

A tower at the entrance beckons guests to enter the charming castle where they'll find an abundance of wood beams, paneling and other charming features.  The owners are keen to ensure that the temporary kings and queens who inhabit the castle feel suitably regal and thus they make 'royal attire' available for all guests.

Constructed in 1927, the property has a moat (not too common a feature in American castles) but is also up to speed with the modern world – with high speed wi-fi and Netflix available to guests.

Located directly across the street from the owners other rental property, Enchanted Cottage on Glen, the two properties together can accommodate 8 guests altogether.  



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320 Glen Ave, Elmira, New York


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