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Castle Gould, Sands Point Preserve, New York


Castle Gould, part of the Sands Point Preserve in New York, is a majestic castle built in 1904, now serving as an impressive wedding and events venue

Named after its creator Howard Gould, a financier and son of railroad magnate Jay Gould (who owned Lyndhurst – a riverfront castle in Tarrytown, NY), the castle is part of a larger estate that includes another castle-esque building known as Hempstead House.  

Covering over 100,000 sq ft, Castle Gould was originally built to be the estate's principal residence however after Howard's wife Katherine decided it didn't suit their requirements, the property instead served as 'the stable, carriage house, and servants’ quarters and now houses the Visitor Center, Great Hall, and a 7,000-square-foot New York State-certified sound stage – a.k.a. The Black Box'.

After Daniel Guggenheim purchased the estate in 1917, the estate became sometimes referred to as the Gould-Guggenheim estate.  Having been since owned by other parties including the U.S. Navy, the 216 acre estate is now;

'owned by Nassau County, NY, and is maintained and operated by the Sands Point Preserve Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Conservancy provides year-round educational and cultural programs, seasonal celebrations, mansion tours, fitness activities as well as private/corporate event services and film/TV location facilities'.



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