Camelot Mini Storage Castle, Ruidoso, New Mexico


Camelot Mini Storage Castle in Ruidoso, New Mexico is a self-storage facility just off highway 70.  The main façade of the building is a medieval-style castle with turrets, crenellations and machicolations (or the impression of machicolations anyway).  There doesn't appear to be too much more to the property however it's still an impressive and unlikely sight (perfect for an Instagram photo or a Tiktok video).


Whilst there are no tours available of the castle (or none that we're aware of), it's worth a very short detour if you're driving along highway 70 as not only can you get right up to the castle façade, you can also walk, drive or cycle through it as the building actually straddles the public road.  If you want to go inside we suppose you'd have to either ask politely or just rent some storage space there!



Contact Camelot Mini Storage


101 Crown Drive, Ruidoso, New Mexico

(575) 937-2220


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