Bishop Castle, Colorado

Bishop Castle, Rye, Colorado represents a lifetime of Jim Bishop's work, ingenuity and commitment to his goal of building a mountain cabin that turned in to a castle! 

Situated in the beautiful San Isabel National Forest, Jim's creation is nothing short of breathtaking.  A fantasy, gothic-style masterpiece, the property resembles part castle, part cathedral.  An enormous amount of stone from the local area has been used to create walls, arches, steps, and turrets whilst steel walkways high above the ground connect some of the towers and help provide sweeping views of the surrounding countryside.


Stained glass has been used generously throughout and nowhere is this more impressive than inside the cavernous main rooms where towering ceilings and skylights complement nearly an entire wall of colorful glass.  Oh and did we mention the dragon?!  Yes, there's a fire-breathing dragon too.  


Please Note: Weddings in Bishop's Castle are ceremony only (i.e. no wedding reception or parties).


From Bishop Castle's Website:

“For nearly 60 years, Jim Bishop has been constructing one of the most impressive monuments to perseverance in Colorado. Bishop castle is a monumental statue in stone and iron that cries loud testament to the beauty and glory of not only Having a Dream, but Sticking with your Dream no matter what, and most importantly, that if you do believe in yourself and strive to maintain that belief, anything can happen! Three full stories of interior rooms complete with a Grand Ballroom, soaring towers and bridges with vistas of a hundred miles, and a Fire-Breathing Dragon make the Bishop Castle quite the unforgettable experience! Visitors are always welcome free of charge, and the castle itself is always open.


Bishop Castle is always open and always free! Please respect the castle and the people that live and work here. Please dispose of waste in proper containers. Please keep in mind the Castle is an open construction site – exercise the utmost caution while visiting.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the castle on their own as there are no guided tours. The best opportunities to view actual construction on the castle by Mr. Bishop are during weekends.

The local area provides numerous opportunities for hiking, picnicking, camping, eating, horseback riding, and lodging which we will be glad to tell you about.

Wedding Ceremonies

We are proud to announce Weddings at Bishop Castle are welcome year-round for ceremonies only. Unfortunately we cannot allow receptions, private parties or the like.

The Castle, and it’s beautiful setting in the woods makes for a unique one of a kind experience for you and your guests.

As much as we dislike rules, we’ve set forth the following requirements out of respect for the Castle, our guests, and our surroundings:

• No alcohol is allowed at the Castle.
• You will not be allowed to close off any part of the Castle to the public at any time during your ceremony.
• You must provide an approved security service.
• You must reserve your date and time at least two weeks prior.
• There is no heat in the castle, and there are no facilities available for changing / dressing, nor any service or assistance in accessing the castle.
• Suggested donations for weddings at the Castle are $350.00.

If you would like more information, or would like to book a wedding, please call Mrs. Phoebe Bishop, 719.564.4366″



Contact Bishop Castle



12705 State Highway 165 Rye, Colorado 81069


(719) 564-4366


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