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Bancroft Tower, Worcester, MA

Resembling a small medieval castle, Bancroft Tower in Worcester, Massachusetts is a 17 meter stone tower built in Salisbury Park in 1900.  With an archway, arrowslits and crenellations the castle offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside from the top of its towers.


From the Worcester City website:


“Salisbury Park is home to Bancroft Tower and holds some of the most beautiful views of Worcester, Massachusetts. It is located atop Prospect Hill on the northwestern end of the city.

The Bancroft Tower was built by public benefactor Stephen Salisbury III, who left it to the Worcester Art Museum, which deeded it to the Parks Department in 1912. Salisbury intended the feudal-like castle to be a recreational oasis. Its spiral staircases, fireplace chambers, stone benches and parapets were frequently the scene of picnics and social outings. The summit has a 360-degree view of the city, greatly enhanced by a climb to the lookout tower. A locator map in the stone walkway helps to identify the distant hills”.




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